AAM Property Files

AAM Property (*.aamprops) files describe how to build an AAM, including various parameters necessary for the builder.
They are used by the build_aam tool.
Here's an example:

// Define type of AAM (basic_aam,shape_aam,comp_aam,direct_aam,raw_regression_aam,grad_regression_aam)
aam_type: basic_aam

// Define model directory and base name of APM and AAM files
model_dir: ./
am_name: isbe_comp
aam_name: isbe_comp

// Parameter displacements used during search
displacement_x: 2
displacement_y: 2
max_disp: 0.125
scaledisplacement_x: 0.05
scaledisplacement_y: 0.05
tex_displacement: 0.05
displacement_params: 0.5
n_per_eg: 2

// Maximum number of images to sample from (overrides that supplied in SMD)
max_n_samples: 10
rob_kernel: None

The types of AAM available include: Recent experiments on faces (described in BMVC02 paper and related report) suggest that the grad_regression_aam is probably the best default option, though the basic_aam performs well and is quicker to train.
Surprisingly the shape_aam and comp_aam seem to match texture slightly better, though it is somewhat problem dependent.