View-Based Appearance Models

We can model the appearance of an object using a Statistical Appearance Model.. If we wish to build a model of the 2D appearance of a 3D object, it will only be valid for a small range of view points. To deal with this, we can build a set of models, one for each distinct view point. In the case of the face, we show we need only 5 models (two of which are reflections, so there are only 3 distinct models) to be able to generate a face image from any viewpoint from full left profile to full right profile

Profile Model

Mode 1: Mode 2:

Half-Profile Model

Mode 1: Mode 2:

Frontal Model

Mode 1: Mode 2: animation

We are able to learn the relationship between viewing angle and the model parameters, and thus can estimate head pose.

Such models can be fit to new images using the Active Appearance Model algorithm.

We can use these models to track faces through wide angle rotations

Tim Cootes