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I act as a consultant for Kestra Ltd, a spin-off company developing vision based inspection systems for printed circuit board fabrication lines. The core algorithms were developed at the Department during previous EPSRC grants. I have worked with Kestra to improve the algorithms, and the company is doing well.

The application of Active Appearance Models to face images has been a fruitful area of research. We have collaborated with Createc, part of the National Film and Television School, who are developing computer graphics applications for film and television. They are particularly interested in tracking faces of actors so they can be manipulated or used to drive animated faces.

Visual Automation Ltd, a company set up to exploit research done at the department, has recently begun selling the Shape Modelling Toolkit. This embodies much of our work on building statistical models of shape and using them to locate structures in new images. In addition they are in negotiations with several companies for projects exploiting our experience in face recognition and medical image segmentation.

Tim Cootes