Recently I have been supervising the following Master and Undergraduate Research Projects at The University of Manchester:

  1. (2020) Daniel Kasonde Kasonde, `Learning Approaches for Shape Classification in 3D', (4th year Master project)
  2. (2020) Shubham Subhnil, `Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control for Autonomous Systems', (MSc project)
  3. (2019) Siqi Wu, `Kalman and Ensemble Kalman Filter with Python' (double-semester 3rd year project)
  4. (2019) Isabel Rushby, `Chan Vese Segmentation and Radial Basis Functions Segmentation for Rainfall Data ' (4th year Master project)
  5. (2019) Jamie Baldwin, `Machine Learning and Optimization Approaches to Mathematical Finance', (MSc project)
  6. (2019) Mark Mesbur, `Machine Learning and Optimization Techniques for Detection and Classification', (MSc project)
  7. (2018) Noor Sulaiman, `Kalman Filter for tracking, identification and forecasting of stationary bands of precipitation', (MSc project)
  8. (2017) Xitong Liang, `Kalman Filter: Theory and Applications' (single-semester 3rd year project)
  9. (2017) Sam Teale, `Data assimilation and weather forecasting using level sets' (single-semester 4th-year project)
  10. (2016) Nikos Theodorakopoulos, `Identification and Forecasting of Stationary Bands of Precipitation', (MSc project)
  11. (2016) Alex Hiles, `Sensitivity Analysis of 3D Magnetic Induction Tomography for Threat Detection' (industrially sponsored MSc project)
  12. (2016) Muhammad Hussain,`Compressed Sensing in MRI', MATH40000 (4th year Master project)
  13. (2016) Thomas Anderson, `Compressive Sensing and Sparsity in MRI', (4th year Master project)
  14. (2015) Mante Zemaityte, 'Image Deblurring using Matlab and Python' (4th year Master project).
  15. (2014) Joshua Hellier, 'Sensitivity Functions in Muon Scattering Tomography', (industrially sponsored MSc project, joint with Sean Holman)
  16. (2014) Kaitai Dong, 'Genetic Algorithms for a lead ballast stowage problem in submarines', (industrially sponsored MSc project)
  17. (2014) Yifan Wu, 'A Chan and Vese Model in Image Segmentation using the Level Set Method', (MSc project).
  18. (2014) Hidayet Zaimaga, 'Synthetic Aperture Radar', (MSc project).
  19. (2014) James Harper, 'Level Set Methods with Applications in Image Segmentation' (4th year Master project).
  20. (2014) Alexander Bamford, 'Image Processing and Analysis: in particular Active Contours and Snakes' (4th year Master project).
  21. (2013) David Leahy, 'Imaging Cargo Containers Using Gravity Gradiometry', (industrially sponsored MSc project)
  22. (2013) Niall Thompson, 'Detection of Fissile Material in Cargo Containers', (industrially sponsored MSc project)
  23. (2013) Farah Razafindrakoto, 'Wavelet and Curvelet Transforms' (single-semester UGr project).
  24. (2013) Thomas Peacock, 'Mathematics Education in Spain - An Erasmus Student's Primer' (double-semester 3rd year project).
  25. (2012) Dai Duong Tran Vu, 'Inverse Problems in Option Pricing' (double-semester 3rd year project).
  26. (2012) Andy Jones, 'CO2-sequestration modeling with DUMUX' (4th year Master project).
  27. (2012) James Mallon, 'Inverse Problems in X-ray Tomography' (4th year Master project).
  28. (2012) Matthew Williams, 'Seismic Imaging' (MSc project).