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About the Ingleson Research Group

The research group is headed by Mike Ingleson, a Reader of Chemistry, based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester and is funded by various organizations (EPSRC, Leverhulme Trust, the ERC and companies). The research group is focused on using main group and 3d metal chemistry to solve key challenges defined by industry and facing society in general.

Through the award of a 2 million euro ERC Consolidator Grant to MJI the group has funding for PhD. and PDRA posts in the areas or boron and zinc organometallic chemistry for C-B and C-C bond formation, both catalytic and stoichiometric processes. Next PDRA position will be available starting early 2019 and for PhDs Sept 2019.

Latest Publication

Diboryldiborenes: p-Conjugated B4 Chains Isoelectronic to the Butadiene Dication

Alexander Hermann, Jessica Cid, James D. Mattock, Rian D. Dewhurst, Ivo Krummenacher, Alfredo Vargas*, Michael J. Ingleson*, Holger Braunschweig*

ASAP Article in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.











June: The second paper from the joint endeavor between Manchester, Wuerzburg and Brighton is published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Well done all involved!


May: The collaboration with Holger Braunschweig’s group has produced it’s first publication (just accepted): The Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Diboron(5) Compounds and their Conversion to Diboron(5) Cations . Good work Alex/Jessica et al. (and more to come)


May: Dan and Pakapol (aka Tim) and co-workers have their paper on directed borylation / cross coupling to form highly twisted long lifetime emitting materials accepted into Chem. Eur. J. A productive collaboration between synthesis, computational and materials.


May: A team led by Rachel Kahan have their work on synthesizing and functionalizing 1-bora-phenalenes accepted in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Well done all!


April: Rich and Rachel speak at Dalton 2018 (both giving great talks) and James and Valerio present posters. A top conference and loads of great science.


April: goodbye and good luck to Kristian and Emily who have finished their MChem projects and hello to Ahmed who starts his MSc. project in the group.


Feb. Valerio’s review on water tolerant FLPs is online now in Synlett.


Jan. Valerio et al.’s paper is up online in Chem. Commun.!divAbstract


Dec. Valerio returns from Toronto and his three months in the Doug Stephan group, a productive time as his work on P-CF3 EPCs is accepted in Chem. Commun. Another great effort !


Dec. James, Valerio and Jessica’s paper on N-heterocycle Ligated Borocations as tuneable Lewis acids is published in Organometallics. Well done all.









Dr Michael Ingleson.

School of Chemistry

University of Manchester


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