Heil, M. (1998) Stokes Flow in an Elastic Tube -- A Large-Displacement Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem. The International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 28, 243-265.

Viscous flow in elastic (collapsible) tubes is a large-displacement fluid-structure interaction problem frequently encountered in biomechanics. This paper presents a robust and rapidly converging procedure for the solution of the steady three-dimensional Stokes equations, coupled to the geometrically non-linear shell equations which describe the large deformations of the tube wall. The fluid and solid equations are coupled in a segregated method whose slow convergence is accelerated by an extrapolation procedure based on the scheme's asymptotic convergence behaviour. A displacement control technique is developed to handle the system's snap-through behaviour. Finally, results for the tube's post-buckling deformation and for the flow in the strongly collapsed tube are shown.

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