Heil, M. & Pedley, T.J. (1996) Large Post-Buckling Deformations of Cylindrical Shells Conveying Viscous Flow. Journal of Fluids and Structures 10 , 565-599.

This paper examines the post-buckling deformation of cylindrical shells conveying viscous flow. The wall deformation is modelled using geometrically non-linear shell theory and lubrication theory is used to model the fluid flow. The coupled fluid-solid problem is solved using a parallelised FEM technique. It is found that the fluid-solid interaction leads to a violent collapse of the tube such that immediate opposite wall contact occurs after the buckling if the volume flux is kept constant during the buckling. If the pressure drop through the tube is kept constant during the buckling the fluid-solid coupling slows down the collapse (compared to the buckling under a dead load). The effects of various parameters (upstream pressure, axial pre-stretch and the geometry of the tube) on the post-buckling behaviour are examined and the exact geometrically non-linear shell theory is compared to Sanders' (1963) moderate rotation theory. Finally, the implications of the results for previous models which described the wall deformation using so called `tube laws' are discussed.

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