Free products and amalgams of pomonoids (Jim Renshaw, NBSAN Essex, 10th July 2015)

Abstract: The study of amalgamation in the category of partially ordered monoids was initiated by Fakhuruddin in the 1980s. In 1986 he proved that, in the category of commutative pomonoids, every absolutely flat commutative pomonoid is a weak amalgamation base and every commutative pogroup is a strong amalgamation base. Some twenty years later, Bulman-Fleming and Sohail in 2011 extended this work to what they referred to as pomonoid amalgams. In particular they proved that pogroups are poamalgmation bases in the category of pomonoids.

In this talk I will look at recent joint work with Bana Al Subaiei generalising some earlier results on amalgams of monoids and extension properties of acts over monoids to pomonoids and in particular on ordered version of unitary properties which generalise Howie's original work on semigroup and monoid amalgams.