2018/2019, Semester 2: Gödel's Theorems (MATH43042/63042)

Lecturer: Marcus Tressl

School websites of the course: MATH43042 / MATH63042

Prerequisites: This unit requires basic knowledge of Predicate Logic. Detailed revision notes on Predicate Logic can be found here (we will not need Predicate Logic for the first three weeks).

A good introduction to the topics studied in this course can be found here: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/goedel-incompleteness/

Tuesday 9.00-10.00 and Friday 13.00-15.00. Room: Alan Turing G.113

Lecture Notes Example Sheets (to be worked on in the week shown in the first column)
Week 1 Full Set of Notes Please read section 1.1 of Chapter 1 and the revision notes
Week 2 Sheet 1 (solutions)
Week 3 Sheet 2 (solutions)
Week 4
Sheet 3 (solutions)
Week 5 Sheet 4 (solutions)
Week 6 Sheet 5 (solutions)
Week 7 Sheet 6 (solutions)
Week 8
Week 9 Sheet 7 (solutions)
Week 10
Week 11:
April 29 - May 3
Sheet 8 (solutions)

Coursework: There are two take home tests (one in week 5 and one in week 10), each one weighting 10% in the unit.

Past exam papers can be found here.

Textbooks: Independent notes are provided above.

Books and articles: