2018/19, Semester 2: Gödel's Theorems (MATH43042/63042)

Lecturer: Marcus Tressl

School websites of the course: MATH43042 / MATH63042

This module will be available again in semester 2, 2018/19.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Predicate Logic and Recursive Functions as for exampled taught in Mathematical Logic. Here are some revision notes on predicate logic.
A good introduction to the topics studied in this course can be found here: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/goedel-incompleteness/

Lecture notes and example sheets will become available here in week 1 of semester 2.

Mid-term test: There are two take home tests (one in week 5 and one in week 10), each one weighting 10% in the unit.

Past exam papers can be found here.

Text books: will be posted here.