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I am a senior lecturer in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, University of Manchester.

Research cruise: I participated in a research cruise in early 2005 to look at flows under Antarctic ice shelves - more details .

Teaching: Since it's easier for me to alter these personal web pages, I may put some information connected with the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that I teach on my teaching pages, but you could also try the School's teaching pages, and also webct.

Research: It's best to look at my "official" pages for information about the research that I do (buoyancy-driven fluid flows in the natural and built environment). I also do consultancy work on air flow in and around buildings (especially the natural ventilation of large buildings) and other buoyancy-driven flows.

Useful links: Links to maps, timetables and other information you might find useful.
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Personal: Some details about me and my interests.
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