Future directions
in model theory
    and analytic functions

On the occasion of the retirement of Alex Wilkie

July 7-10, 2015, MIMS, Manchester

Organisers: G. Jones, J. Pila.
Invited speakers include:

                                       Zoe  Chatzidakis  Paris
                                       Lou  van den Dries  UIUC
                                  Philipp  Habegger  Basel
                                    Adam  Harris  UEA
                                  Philipp  Hieronymi  UIUC
                                   Angus  Macintyre  Oxford
                              Vincenzo  Mantova  SNS Pisa
                                   David   Marker  UIC
                                      Kobi  Peterzil  Haifa
                                  Patrick  Speissegger  McMaster
                                   Sergei  Starchenko  Notre Dame
                            Giussepina  Terzo  Napoli
                               Margaret  Thomas  Konstanz
                                     Boris  Zilber  Oxford

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There will be a 25 registration fee, to be collected later.

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Supported in part by grants from the EPSRC, BLC
in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute.