Bio-MITA: Mining Term Associations from Literature to Support Knowledge Discovery in Biology


Project description

Bio-MITA was a BBSRC-funded project (2006-2009), whose purpose was to support biological knowledge discovery by means of text-based term association mining, in order to facilitate access to information and to increase research productivity. We have investigated combining various text mining approaches to establishing associations among biological terms. More specifically, the objectives of the bio-MITA project are:

The aim is to design text mining services that can provide accelerated knowledge acquisition, offer plausible hypotheses for testing, prevent unnecessary repetition of previous work, and help in experimental design. Therefore, our further aims are

The project was carried out in the School of Computer Science (SCS). The School has developed a large variety of expertise in natural language processing (NLP) and text mining, including collection and standardisation of language resources, automatic terminology extraction, distributed information retrieval and document classification, ontology-driven information extraction, knowledge representation techniques, machine translation, dialogue-based systems etc.

Duration and funding of the project

Staff involved

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Dr Goran Nenadic (School of Computer Science)
phone: +44-(0)161-30-65936