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Goran Nenadic

School of Computer Science and
Manchester Interdisciplinary BioCenter
University of Manchester



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  • Text mining (in particular in life sciences)
  • Terminiology recognition and structuring
  • NLP in clinical and healthcare applications

  • Natural language processing (Serbian)
  • Digital corpora encoding



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Research TEAM

  • Farzaneh Sarafraz, PhD student
  • Matrin Gener, PhD student
  • George Karystianis, PhD student
  • Daniel Jamieson, PhD student
  • Geraint Duck, PhD student
  • Azad Dehghan, PhD student
  • Mona Zaki, PhD student
  • Rosyzie Anna Apong, PhD student
  • Chengkun Wu, PhD student
  • Alumni:
    James Eales (PDRA), Dr Hui Yang (PDRA),
    Dr Ann Gledson (PDRA), Dr Hammad Afzal (PhD student)
    Dr Joachim Baran (PDRA)
    Dr Seemab Latif (PhD student), Mark Greenwood (MPhil student)
    Naomi Krishnarajah (MPhil), Roy Sandjaja (MSc)

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phone: +44-(0)161-27-56289
phone: +44-(0)161-30-65936
fax: +44-(0)161-27-56213
office: IT308 (IT Building); 1.015 (MIB building)

Manchester Interdisciplinary BioCentre
University of Manchester
131 Princess Street
Manchester, M1 7DN, UK


 srpski   Research   Projects   Publications   Teaching   Personal   Groups   Contact   srpski 



Short CV

Dr Goran Nenadic is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the School of Computer Science, University of Manchester and a group leader in the Manchester Interdisciplinary BioCenter (MIB). Previously, he was lecturer in the School of Informatics, a post-doctoral research fellow in the same School (former Department of Computation, UMIST), a research fellow at the NLP group, University of Salford, UK, a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, YU, and a visiting teaching assistant in Computational linguistics at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade,YU.

Goran has been working in the area of text mining and natural language processing since 1993. His research interests include terminology extraction, acquisition, classification and clustering (mainly in the domain of life sciences), relationship extraction, as well as interoperable architectures for text mining services and digital corpora encoding frameworks.

Currently, Goran Nenadic is a principal investigator on a BBSRC project that aims at extraction of associations among various types of entities from the biological literature (bio-MITA - Mining Term Associations from Literature to Support Knowledge Discovery in Biology). He is also a co-investigator on a BBSRC project that will integrate text mining and genome annotations (pubmed2ensembl). This project is carried out with Dr Casey Bergman (PI) of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Previously, Goran has participated in another BBSRC project on protein functional classification using text mining (ProFClass-TM). From 2000 to 2002 G. Nenadic participated in the EUREKA BIO-Path project - Text mining in molecular biology. His role was related to automatic extraction of terminology from domain literature, and identification of relevant information important for the clustering of terms and for building a domain specific ontology.

Within the NLP group at the Faculty of Mathematics, Belgrade, he was partially involved in the BalkaNet project, whose aim was to develop WordNet databases for Balkan languages. His responsibilities were related to the Serbian WordNet. Previously, Goran has been involved in the project of constructing electronic morpho-syntactic dictionaries of Serbo-Croatian, especially the dictionary of compound words (his M.Sc. thesis). Also, he has worked on modelling linguistic phenomena by using local (finite-state) grammars and recognition of syntactic structures in digital text. He was involved in the TELRI project (Trans European Language Resources Infrastructure) of parallelization of Plato's "Republic" with responsibilities related to SGML/TEI encoding of the Serbian edition.

G. Nenadic is the founder and president of MATF.PLUS, the Alumni association of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade.


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