Brauer’s Problems -

50 years on.


Organizers: C. Eaton, M. Geck, J.B. Gramain, R. Guralnick, L. Iancu,

R. Kessar, M. Linckelmann, A. Maroti.

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Funding: some (limited) funding is available for postgraduate students. Please contact Charles Eaton for more details.

Support from the Heilbronn Institute and the London Mathematical Society.


Manchester, 2 - 6 September 2013

Celebrating Geoff Robinson’s 60th birthday

Groups and their Representations

2nd September 2013

Brauer’s Problems - 50 years on

3rd to 6th September

The University of Manchester - Alan Turing Building, Room G107

Monday 2nd September

Heilbronn Day

Groups and their Representations

(Funded by the Heilbronn Institute)

Speakers: M. Geck, G. Glauberman, R.Guralnick, B. Oliver.

Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th September

Brauer’s Problems - 50 years on

(Funded by the Heilbronn Institute and the London Mathematical Society)

Speakers include: D. Benson, M. Collins, D. Craven, K. Erdmann,

  1. B.B. Külshammer, G. Malle, G. Navarro, R. Rouquier, J. Thompson.

Thursday 5nd September

Conference dinner

Christie’s Bistro. Celebrating Geoff Robinson’s 60th birthday.

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