MATH10202: LINEAR ALGEBRA A (2018-2019) - 2nd half


This course unit is an introduction to linear algebra for first year, single honours mathematics students.

This is the page for the second half of the course, following on from the part lectured by Mark Kambites.


Format of lectures

Course notes will be released on this page in advance section by section. Material in lectures will follow these notes but will include further explanation and examples, and you are strongly advised to prepare your own set of notes from lectures, supplemented by the printed notes. Making notes is an important skill which will be especially important in more advanced courses when content is more flexible. It's something you get better at with practice.

It is not expected that you understand everything during lectures - you will need to study your lecture notes afterwards.


Exercise sheets

Exercises will appear below.


Solutions to exercise sheets

Solutions to exercises will appear here after you have had time to attempt the questions on your own:


Printed notes

Printed notes will appear here:


Video podcasts

Video podcasts of lectures are available, but these are intended as an additional resource and not a core part of the course or a substitute for attendance at lectures. The format of the lectures will be tailored to those present in the room, not to the recording, and I make no guarantees about the quality or reliability of the recordings. If you do wish to use the recordings they can be found here.


Timetable / Support

We have four hours of lectures per week: Monday 11:00-13:00 and Tuesday 13:00-15:00. All lectures will be in Chemistry G.51 and will have a short break in (approximately) the middle.

In addition to lectures you will have a one-hour Feedback Supervision every week, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - see your personal timetable in the Student Portal, or if you know your supervision group number you can work it out from this timetable. The supervisions are your main opportunity for support and feedback on your work, and attendance is compulsory. The supervisions in Week n will look mainly at Exercise Sheet n-1; you should arrive at the supervision having looked at all exercises on the sheet, and bring a copy of the sheet with you.

You are also welcome to speak to me after any lecture, to contact me with any queries, or to come along to my weekly office hour. My office hour in Semester 2 of 2018-19 is generally 13:30-14:30 on Mondays during teaching weeks; it may sometimes be necessary to vary this - any changes will be announced here, so please check before making a special journey. My office is room 2.214 in the Alan Turing Building.



90% of the final mark will come from the final exam, and 10% from homework and supervision attendance.