MATH64082 Online Resources (2019)

Lecturer: Dr. Catherine Powell. Email: c_dot_powell_at_manchester_dot_ac_dot_uk.
Office: 1.124, Alan Turing Building. Office Hour: Monday 3-4pm.

Lectures: Monday 2pm (Samuel Alexander A114), Tuesday 11am (Zochonis, Theatre D), Wednesday 12pm (Alan Turing G.109). Examples Class One every two weeks (Weds, 12pm slot).

See the School of Mathematics web page for the course syllabus, overview and suggested reading list.


The deadline for the take-home Coursework assignment has been extended to Friday 22nd March at 4pm.

The in-class test will take place on Monday 11th March (in Week 7) in the usual lecture slot (Samuel Alexander, A114, 2pm). It will cover the first two sections of the course.

My response to your Week 3 feedback forms is here.


Students will be required to use MATLAB occasionally and should know how to set up vectors, perform mathematical operations on vectors, write simple programmes and plot functions. If you are not confident with MATLAB don't panic. Demos will be given in examples classes and plenty of examples will be given in the lecture notes. Useful MATLAB resources and tutorials can be found on the web, including, HERE. An extensive range of MATLAB manuals are also available at the library.
You can run the following MATLAB codes to reproduce results and Figures in the lecture notes.

Lecture Notes

Students should take their own notes in class. Pdf copies of my notes will be provided on Blackboard. These should be used alongside your own notes.

Example Sheets

There will be one examples class every TWO weeks. I will indicate below which questions you should attempt in which weeks.


There will be a take home assignment (due at the end of Week 7) and an in-class test (in Week 7). Each is worth 10% of the total marks for this course. For the take home assignment (which should not take you more than 5-6 hours in total), you are asked to hand in your answers to five questions from Examples Sheets 1-3. Full instructions for the take-home assignment are given here . You will need the following MATLAB code:

Exam resources and feedback

Tutorials will provide an opportunity for students' work to be discussed and provide feedback on their understanding. Coursework or in-class tests (where applicable) also provide an opportunity for students to receive feedback. Students can also get feedback on their understanding directly from the lecturer, for example during the lecturer's office hour.