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Manchester Est. 1824  Professor Bill Lionheart, Department of Mathematics,
University of Manchester.

Bill Lionheart*

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Alan Turing Building Room 1.126
Bill. Lionheart at manchester. ac. uk
Phone +44 161 306 8978.
Postal address: School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, Alan Turing Building, Oxford Rd Manchester M13 9PL

Bill Lionheart in the Alan Turing Building by Helen Kirkbright_2007 (low resolution)

Photo by Helen Kirkbright

*Officially Professor William Robert Breckon Lionheart, PhD, FIMA, FIET
(note 'Bill' is the familiar form of 'William')
Pronouns: he/his/him. (Although like Spivak I dislike having to decide which gender to use before we can even refer to people!)

My research interests cover theoretical and practical aspects of inverse problems, especially in imaging. Imaging methods I have worked on include Electrical Impedance Tomography, X-ray CT, Diffuse optical tomography, neutron time of flight spectral tomography, polarimetric neutron tomography of magnetic fields, small angle x-ray scattering tomography, Bragg edge neutron tomography for strain, photoelastic strain tomography, polarized light tomography for liquid crystals, , magnetic induction tomography/metal detection, ground penetrating radar, multistatic volumetric radar imaging. Application areas include medical imaging, security screening, landmine and UXO detection, materials science, geophysical imaging. Mathematical key words: inverse boundary value problems,integral geometry, rich tomography, partial differential equations, differential geometry, numerical linear algebra, finite element method, Bayesian methods in inverse problems.

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