Semester 2, academic year 2013-2014

Sep 3 2:00pm
Rogerio Manica
Institute of High Performance Computing, Signapore
Taylor Bubbles and Bouncing Bubbles.
Sep 8 3:30pm
Frank Adams 1
Thomas-Peter Fries
TU Graz, Austria
Introduction and Overview on eXtended Finite Element Methods (XFEM).
Oct 1 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
Pierre-Yves Lagree
University Paris VI
Granular flows from grains to a continuum point of view.
Mar 5 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
Onno Bokhove
University of Leeds
On Beach Formation and Dredging in Multi-Phase Hele-Shaw Flows.
Mar 12 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
Hermes Gadêlha
University of Oxford
Mathematical tales of a sperm tail
Mar 19 2:00pm
Room G.207
Demos Kivotides
Imperial College, London
Energy spectra of finite temperature superfluid turbulence
Mar 26 2:00pm
Eric Lauga
University of Cambridge
Synthetic micro-swimming
Apr 2 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
Arne Strauss
Warwick Business School
Tractable Choice-Based Network Revenue Management
Apr 23 2:00pm
Neil Balmforth
The University of British Columbia
Skipping, Sloshing and Washboarding
May 7 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
Suzanne Fielding
Durham University
Extensional instabilities in complex fluids
May 14 2:00pm
Frank Adams 1
David Halpern
University of Alabama
The influence of surfactant on the stability of a liquid bilayer coating a compliant tube.
Jul 3 1:00am
3rd Floor Seminar Room, Schuster Building
Anne-Virginie Salsac
Biomechanics & Bioengineering (UMR CNRS 7338), Université de Technologie de Compiègne)
Fluid structure interaction of a microcapsule in flow