Information for MATH 35021: Elasticity

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Course Description (Outline)

This course unit gives an introduction to the linearised theory of elasticity from a mathematical standpoint. A typical problem of the subject is as follows: an elastic body (e.g. an underground oil pipe) is subjected to a given loading on its outer surface. What is the consequent stress distribution generated throughout the body? Does this stress distribution have unexpectedly large values that might lead to failure? The subject is developed from first principles, requiring only the knowledge of basic calculus and linear algebra.

Lecture Notes

Examples Sheets and Solutions

Past Exam Papers

The examination will not have any choice and will consist of questions worth 80 marks in total. Although I don't expect you to memorize vast numbers of formulæ you should make sure that you do know these ones.

Reading List

It is not necessary to buy any books. Your lecture notes will be completely sufficient. That said, you may find the alternative perspectives in books helpful. If you are interested, have a look in the library in the continuum mechanics section. Particular favourites of mine are:

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