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Dr.Abdullatif is currently a Lecturer at the Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science at The University of Manchester, UK.

His previous job as a research associate for a chromonic liquid crystals project in collaboration with other 3 universities, Durham University, Hull University and Leeds University; gave him the ability to work collaboratively as part of team.

He has a PhD degree from the University of Manchester, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science; where he worked with Professor Gordon Tiddy and Dr Robin Curtis on surfactant liquid crystals focusing on monoglycerides /oil system. This research is particularly important in advanced drug delivery and formulation science, he studied the effect of monoglyceride on the crystallization of triglyceride which is related to the areas of crystallisation, crystal nucleation and solid state chemistry. He has been responsible for the supervision of master level research students,foundation year students and second year lab in the chemical engineering and analytical science; He has been also a lecturer for Pharmaceutical, Clinical and Environmental Separation Methods at chemical engineering and analytical science department.

He had worked within the Hariri Pharmaceutical Industry for over 8 years, he developed a wide range of skills that would meet, and exceed the expectations for the role related to pilot scale engineering. This period of employment included working within both Research & Development and Manufacturing environments.

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