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Research area:  Additive combinatorics


Mathematics 0C1, Manchester, 2016.
Topics in Modern Geometry, Bristol, 2014.
Number Theory and Group Theory, Bristol, 2012.
Galois Theory, Bristol, 2012.


7. A transference approach to a Roth-type theorem in the squares
    with T.D. Browning
    IMRN (
to appear).

6. Four variants of the Fourier-analytic transference principle

5. Quantitative bounds in the polynomial Szemer├ędi theorem: the homogeneous case


4. Improvements in Birch's theorem on forms in many variables
    with T.D. Browning
    Journal reine angew. Math. (to appear).
    Video lecture.

3. Matrix progressions in multidimensional sets of integers
    Mathematika (2015).

2. Near-optimal mean value estimates for multidimensional Weyl sums
    with S.T. Parsell and T.D. Wooley
    Geom. Funct. Anal. (2013).

1. Solution-free sets for sums of binary forms
    Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. (2013).

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