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Post-doctoral positions

I have vacancies for talented post-doctoral researchers from any background with interests in RNA computational biology. Prospective postdocs are encouraged to apply for funding in the form of fellowships or other awards. The following sites may be useful:

Please contact me for informal discussion of projects, interests and funding.

PhD projects

Non-coding RNAs in complete genomes

Non-coding RNA genes (ncRNAs) produce a functional RNA product, rather than a translated protein. An unexpectedly large number of ncRNAs are found in the mammalian genome -- over 2000 sequences can be easily annotated in human, including around 500 microRNAs, 400 small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), 500 transfer RNAs, and 60 spliceosomal RNAs -- and computational prediction hints at as many as 30000 structured RNAs. Comparative genomic approaches enable the first studies of conservation of such sequences. Preliminary evidence suggests that, unlike protein-coding genes, the order and orientation of ncRNA genes are often not conserved in related genomes. MicroRNAs and snoRNAs are of particular interest, as they are often expressed from introns of protein-coding (or sometimes non-coding) genes. Co-expression of ncRNA and host gene imply a close functional relationship, but the nature of this relationship is not well understood.

This project will attempt to address the following questions:

This work will employ available database resources and computational approaches to predict ncRNAs in complete genomes. Novel bioinformatic tools and algorithms will be developed to compare genomic predictions and infer structural and functional relationships.

Please contact me to discuss projects and funding.

Sam Griffiths-Jones