Paul Murphy

Mimas Development Officer, Mimas

Paul Murphy

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Email: paul.murphy-2 at


The University of Manchester
5.2a Roscoe Building
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

Telephone: +44(0)161 246 5674
Skype: paul-murphy



Paul Murphy is a data scientist at Mimas, a nationally designated data centre based at the University of Manchester which develops and builds large-scale research infrastructures and hosts a significant number of the UK's research information assets such as the census outputs, national bibliographic resources and geospatial datasets.

Paul provides technical co-ordination for the eTekkatho project; an Open Society Foundation funded project, that is working to improve higher education in Burma by creating a series of eLibraries at universities throughout the country.

In addition, Paul is IT Programme Leader for Co-operatives UK, where he is responsible for all ICT systems. He is also responsible for Co-operatives UK's technology strategy, which looks at ways of using existing and emerging technologies to aid co-operation and develop co-operative intelligence.


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