Dr Nicholas P C Stevens

E-mail: Nicholas.Stevens@umist.ac.uk

Postal Address:
Corrosion and Protection centre
PO Box 88
M60 1QD
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 161 200 3621
Fax: +44 161 200 4865

I am an electrochemist and computational modeller, and have been a lecturer in the Corrosion and Protection Centre at The University of Manchester, and formerly UMIST, since July 2003. I am part of the Materials Performance Centre, a collaboration between the Corrosion and Protection Centre, the Manchester Materials Science Centre and BNFL.

I was introduced to electrochemistry as an undergraduate studying at Bath University, where I took advantage of the option to spend a year working in industry. I worked in the research division of Pilkington Technology, at Lathom in Lancashire, and was involved in a project relating to electrochromic windows.

Staying at Bath, I studied for my PhD with Dr Adrian Fisher (now at Cambridge), performing a variety of electrochemical simulations using Finite Element methods. I developed simulations of mass transport by diffusion and convection, with coupled homogenous kinetics, in a variety of cell geometries. We also investigated the use of these simulations to design novel cell geometries.

From Bath I then travelled to Canada, where I spent a year with Professor Keith Oldham at Trent University in the town of Peterborough, Ontario, supported by an International Fellowship from the Royal Society. With Professor Oldham, I began looking at problems connected with solution resistance and simulated secondary current disributions in resistive media, and the effects of Reference electrode placement on the accuracy of voltammetric experiments.

I came to Monash University in January 2000, supported by a United Kingdom Fellowship from the Australian Research Council. My work focused on simulating the voltammetry of solutions containing low levels of Added Supporting Electrolyte, in collaboration with Professor Stephen Feldberg and Professor Alan Bond, and other group members.

I currently have three PhD students working full time at Manchester. The first is Evripidis Tsaousoglou, , and who is working on using electrochemical monitoring to follow the corrosion reactions that occur when various metals are encased in cement.

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