Jeremy Huke

Senior Lecturer (Retired)

Qualifications: BA (Cambridge), PhD (Manchester)

Room No. Alan Turing Building 2.222


Nonlinear dynamical systems theory, in particular its applications to signal processing. A basic introduction to dynamical systems theory and how it is used to analyse signals from nonlinear systems can be found here (it is a PDF file); (this is a talk I gave at the IMA Tutorial Course on Nonlinear and Non-Gaussian Signal Processing, Warwick University, December 2000).

Some Recent Publications:

J.P. Huke & D.S. Broomhead, "Embedding theorems for non-uniformly sampled dynamical systems", Nonlinearity, 20, pp. 2205-2244, (2007).

D.S. Broomhead, J.P. Huke, M.R. Muldoon &  J. Stark "Iterated function system models of digital channels", Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 460, pp. 3123-3142, (2004).

R. Carretero-González, S. Ørstavik, J. Huke, D.S. Broomhead, & J. Stark, "Thermodynamic limit from small lattices of coupled maps", Physical Review Letters, 83, pp. 3633-3636, (1999).  [PDF] (74Kb)

R. Carretero-González, S. Ørstavik, J. Huke, D.S. Broomhead, & J. Stark, "Scaling and interleaving of sub-system Lyapunov exponents for spatio-temporal systems", Chaos, 9, pp. 466-482, (1999).  [PDF] (525Kb)

D.S. Broomhead, J.P. Huke & M.R. Muldoon, "Codes for Spread Spectrum Applications Generated Using Chaotic Dynamical Systems", Dynamics and Stability of Systems, 14, pp. 95-105, (1999).

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Dr J P Huke
School of Mathematics
Alan Turing Building
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL