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Archives Hub Co-Ordinator

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Innovative Ways, Sustainable Means: Archives 2.0 and the Archives Hub, Archives 2.0 Conference (March 2009)
Web 2.0: Substance or Hyperbole,
ICA Conference for Univeristy Archives, University of Dundee (August 2007)
The Archives Hub and the Distributed Hub
, The National Archives (June 2007)
The New Digital Archivist: from relative isolation to global interoperability. Society of Archivists conference (Sept 2006)
An A-Z of Interoperability at the Seminar for Newly Qualified Archive Professionals (May 2005)
EAD in the Archives Hub, Archives Congress, Burgos, Spain (Nov 2004)
An Introduction to the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF) (Sept 2004; March 2005)


An introduction to indexing for archivists and records managers (October 2006, June 2007)
Web 2.0 introductory courses for archivists and records managers (June 2007-)
XML and EAD training courses to archivists, records managers and archive students (2004-)
Archives Hub training courses for users and contributors (2004-)

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