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Chapter 13: Examples

The resources for this chapter are potential resources, built with ICT, which might help with the gathering of information relevant to the Hebden Bridge car parking example: which is included on this web site in full as one of the extracts. Let me stress these have been created quickly and fairly arbitrarily, rather than as the result of any actual teaching and learning process (whether undertaken by local Hebden Bridge students or not). Their purpose, in other words, is purely illustrative.

Thumbnail: empty car park
Thumbnail: full car park

These photographs, both taken within ten minutes of each other on a Saturday, show a busy car park and a full local street on the one hand, but also an empty car park on the other (owned by a local business this is fully used during the week but sits locked and empty on Saturdays and Sundays).

Hebden Bridge, google Earth image

Google Earth image: a little dizzying, I admit, but you can clearly see cars parked in the Garden Street car park (centre bottom), along Crown Street to the left and in the St George's Square car park just above dead centre. Obviously you can't monitor use on an hourly basis with this tool (at least not without access to the real-time data from spy satellites...) but there are other uses in this task, whether in analysis, reporting and so on. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image - or, of course, go to Google Earth and see for yourself.

Excel spreadsheet which might be used to record usage in the various (formal and informal) public car parks over a survey period.

Word document which is a very simple questionnaire that could be used to gather opinions from the public.

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