Deepthi Gopal


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I'm a third-year PhD student in linguistics at the University of Manchester (funded by the School of Arts, Languages, & Cultures), supervised by Yuni Kim and Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero. I'm interested in various phonological topics (sonorant phonology, local and long-distance consonant interactions, the formal structure of phonological representations) and in mathematical models of language change (especially sound change, of course); languages I'm particularly interested in include Turkish, Kazakh and Uzbek (Turkic), and Meiteilon and Tangkhul (Tibeto-Burman). Here's a CV (current June 2017).

Until fall 2017, and since 2015, I'm the lab assistant for the Phonetics Laboratory at Manchester. Email me to book a room or get technical help.


My MA (with distinction; Distinguished Achievement Award) in linguistics, also at Manchester, was supervised by Yaron Matras in 2013–2014; my dissertation discussed the structural/systemic effects of contact-induced morphological change on 'recipient' languages.

Even earlier: from 2007 to 2011, I was an undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, where I received a BS in physics (with honors), and was involved in various research projects in theoretical physics. In 2011–2012, I was a research intern in quantum computation at the National University of Singapore.



  1. What drives phonological generalisations? [slides]
    19 May 2017, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.


  1. Spatial distributions of linguistic features are determined by the interaction of endogenous and exogenous dynamics [talk] [abstract]
    H. Kauhanen, D. Gopal, and T. Galla.
    upcoming, International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2), Cologne, Germany.

  2. Perceptual boundaries and features in Chilean Spanish [poster]
    F. Barrientos and D. Gopal.
    27 May 2017, 25th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK.

  3. Modelling similarity-driven phonological generalisations [poster]
    D. Gopal, H. Kauhanen and S. Nichols.
    22 April 2017, 4th Workshop on Sound Change, Edinburgh, UK.

  4. Sonorant-conditioned mid vowel lowering in Turkish [talk]
    D. Gopal and S. Nichols.
    20 January 2017, Old World Conference in Phonology 14, Düsseldorf, Germany.

  5. Aspiration 'dissimilation' in Tangkhul Naga prefixation [poster]
    22 October 2016, 2016 Annual Meeting on Phonology, Los Angeles, CA.

  6. Aspiration 'dissimilation' in Tangkhul Naga prefixation [talk]
    7 September 2016, LAGB Annual Meeting 2016, York, UK.

  7. Sonorant-conditioned mid vowel lowering in Turkish [talk]
    D. Gopal and S. Nichols.
    26 May 2016, 24th Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK.

  8. Nasal-lateral assimilations as Agreement-by-Correspondence [talk]
    15 January 2016, Old World Conference in Phonology 13, Budapest, Hungary.

  9. Nasal-lateral interactions: typology and structure [poster]
    10 October 2015, 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology, Vancouver, Canada.

  10. Markedness and syllable contact in Kazakh internal sandhi [poster]
    30 May 2015, 23rd Manchester Phonology Meeting, Manchester, UK.


Journal articles

  1. Using post-measurement information in state discrimination
    Jointly with Stephanie Wehner.
    2010, Physical Review A 82, 022326.
    Preprint: arXiv:1003.0716.

Conference proceedings

  1. Aspiration 'dissimilation' in Tangkhul Naga prefixation [paper]

    Revised manuscript (corrected discussion of Bennett 2013), 12/06/2017
    Tangkhul Naga dissimilation requires co-occurrence constraints

    2017, Supplemental Proceedings of the 2016 Meeting on Phonology.

  2. Nasal-lateral assimilations: typology and structure [paper] [appendices]
    2016, Supplemental Proceedings of the 2015 Meeting on Phonology.


In 2016–2017, I was the TA for LELA 20011 Phonology 1, LELA 20281 The Logic of English, and LELA 20342 Experimental Phonetics.

In 2015–2016, I was the TA for LELA 30292 Language Contact and LELA 10922 Introduction to Morphology. In 2014–2015, I was the TA for LELA20062 English Dialects and LALC10221A Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology.


I was born in Darlington, England, in late 1991. I care a lot about early-20th-century poetry, coffee, moths, staying up all night, and absurdism.