Alex Watson (aka A. R. Watson)


I am a Lecturer in Actuarial Science at the University of Manchester.

I did my PhD in the Probability Laboratory at the University of Bath, under the supervision of Andreas E. Kyprianou. In 2013 and early 2014, I was a postdoc at CIMAT, and from there I went on to the University of Zürich where I worked in the group of Jean Bertoin, until 2015, when I moved to Manchester.

Teaching and reading groups

In Spring 2017/18, I am teaching Actuarial Insurance.

Most semesters, I organise a reading group on Topics in Probability, but we are taking a break this semester; if this has left a hole in your life, you might consider the Statistics and Machine Learning discussion group. If you have a suggestion for next semester's reading group topic, please get in touch.

For previous teaching, please see the Teaching Archive.


Research interests

Research students

Papers [arXiv] [google]



Electronic talks

Some talks come with notes, which are intended to be read along with the slides, and resemble things that I might have said out loud while giving the presentation.

Try my CIMAT beamer theme (sample) or Manchester beamer theme (sample).


A. R. Watson. Stable processes. Ph.D. thesis, University of Bath. Submitted 31 July 2013, corrected 12 September 2013.


Everything else

I have prepared some esoteric LaTeX notes and BibTeX styles.

Some sketchy notes and my own scripts for editing PDF files.

Photos of the gate at the Faulkes gatehouse of the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences: explanation, first knot, second knot.

Suggestions to make working with inkscape and LaTeX slightly less painful.

Public-domain mathematics books, mostly special functions:


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