Rachel Griffith, CBE FBA

Professor of Economics, University of Manchester
Research Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

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Publications (refereed articles and books, including data for replication where available)
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Upcoming talks

4 May 2017, seminar at Queen Mary University London, London

17-19 May 2017, invited presentation at Nemmers Prize Conference, Northwestern

16 June 2017, lecture at College de France on Innovation and Inequality

19-21 June 2017, Keynote lecture, French Economic Association annual conference, Nice

2-3 July 2017, Lecture in Honour of Leonid Hurwicz, Warsaw International Economic Meeting, Warsaw

4 October 2017, seminar Tilberg University

13 October 2017, seminar Business Research Unit of the Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Lisbon

28-30 October 2017, Plenary Lecture Association of Southern Economic Theorists (ASSET), Algiers

Costa Rica