Dr James Hook
PDRA, University of Manchester, UK

This is the website of Dr James Hook. I am a research associate in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester where I work with Professor Francoise Tisseur and Dr Mark Kambites on the EPSRC funded project 'Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems: Theory and Numerics'.

I am a member of both the Tropical Mathematics Group and the Numerical Analysis Group here in Manchester.

Prior to this position I held an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, working on my own project 'smoothing non-smooth systems', under the sponsorship of Professor Paul Glendinning. Before that I was a PhD student in the CICADA group supervised by Professor Dave Broomhead.

My PhD background is in Dynamical Systems. Nowadays my work is somewhat intradisciplinary encompassing Tropical Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Probability and Statistics and High Performance Computing.