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Related areas of interest

  • Ice nucleation
  • Nano materials research
  • Surface analysis techniques : SEM / AFM / FIB / TEM /AES / XPS
  • Laser ablation, optics, photonics

About me...

Finishing highschool with majors in Chemistry and Physics, I started my B.Sc degree in Chemistry at Tel Aviv Univeristy. Few years later, I got my M.Sc degree in Chemistry and material sciences at the Physical chemistry department of Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Prof. Sergey Cheskis and Dr. Valery Bulatov with the support of IDI. The topic of my thesis was Laser induced ablation and propulsion. My further PGRD studies in Prof. Zeev Zalevsky's group at Bar Ilan University focused on electron beam charge deposition on insulators, followed by rearrangement of deposited nanoparticles and fabrication on nano wires for devices. Recently I got a Marie-Curie Fellowship and joined the School of Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (SEAES) at the faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Manchester University, doing clouds microphysics research under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Choularton, Prof. Martin Gallagher and Dr. Paul Connolly

I`ve been working in Landa Laboratories, which became later Landa Corporation for almost 5 years, in the beginning as a research assistant and later as a R&D Materials Chemist, during these years I was involved in many projects such as Green energy research, Printing research, Graphene production etc.

Besides my academic career I was involved for 3 years in different social Perach projects ( ELIYA, ZEMED).

Contact details

Room 3.13 Simon Building Manchester University Manchester, M139PL UK

Phone: (+44)-161-3062490



ESOF2016 Proceedings

Collaborative Aerosol Research: Laboratory Studies of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Atmospherically Relevant Secondary Organic Aerosol

A new paper: Intercomparison study and optical asphericity measurements of small ice particles in the CERN CLOUD experiment

Falling Walls Lab 2016 Manchester, 3rd place winner (group picture)

Quasi-spherical Ice in Convective Clouds, co-authorship

Heterogeneous ice nucleation of viscous secondary organic aerosol produced from ozonolysis of α-pinene, co-authorship

Winner of the VentureOut Innovation Challenge and 2nd place in VentureOut-Research 2015

Aqueous phase oxidation of sulphur dioxide by ozone in cloud droplets, co-authorship

Phase transition observations and discrimination of small cloud particles by light polarization in expansion chamber experiments, has been accepted for discussion in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal

Observation of viscosity transition in α-pinene secondary organic aerosol, co-authorship

AGU Fall meeting 2015 with granted Atmospheric and Space Electricity Travel Award

Shortlisted 3min movie for the postgraduate movie contest 2015, Manchester

European Science Foundation, presentation of our measurements by DLR

Winner of the VentureOut-Graphene competition

recent results from CLOUD8-cloudy

Posters and presentations for CLOUD, EPS, ESOF, RMets and Tyndall conferences

Ice formation scheme

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