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Marius  Bujorianu


Book Chapters (Springer Verlag,  Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

1.                  A Model Checking Strategy for a Performance Measure of Fluid Stochastic Models

2.                 Bisimulation for Stochastic Hybrid Systems

3.                  Towards Correspondence Carrying Specifications

4.                  Integration of Specification Languages Using Viewpoints


Conference Proceedings

           IEEE Press

5.                 Towards Hilbertian Formal Methods

6.                 An Integrated Specification Framework for Embedded Systems

7.                 A Randomized Model for Communicating Embedded Systems

8.                 Viewpoint Development of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

9.                 Abstractions of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

10.            Topological Superposition of Abstractions of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

IFAC Press

11.            Distributed Stochastic Hybrid Systems

12.            True Concurrent Stochastic Processes

Published in Research Reports

13.            Towards a General Theory of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

14.            Formal Engineering Hybrid Systems: Semantic Underpinnings

15.            Exploring UML refinement through unification

16.            Bisimulation, Logic and Reachability Analysis for Markovian Systems.

17.            Towards a formalization of viewpoints testing

18.            Formal Testing of Correspondence Carrying Software.

19.            On the Hilbert Machines Quantitative Computational Model

20.            Towards a Formal Framework for Multidimensional Codesign

21.            Extending UML: A foundational approach to heterogeneity

22.            Styles in Heterogeneous Modeling With UML

23.            Constructive potential theory: A linear logic approach

24.            Uncertainty and Reconfigurability in Hilbertean Formal Methods

25.            Bisimulation, Logic and Reachability Analysis for Markovian Systems

26.            Abstractions of Stochastic Hybrid Systems

27.            A Randomized Model for Communicating Embedded Systems

Published Abstracts of Talks

28.            Linear logic: from stochastic analysis to software testing

29.            Order theoretic topologies and hybrid systems

30.            Constructive foundations of stochastic analysis in linear logic

31.            An abstract domain for probabilistic hybrid systems

Research Report

32.            Constructive potential theory: Foundations and applications


Non-refereed papers and talks

1.                 Logics, viewpoints and tests: Towards a trinity















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